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about me.

Daniel likes to compare himself to the Kakapo, an endangered species of flightless parrot native to New Zealand. Not because they are nocturnal, as Daniel clearly is not. Nor is it because they are fat, as Daniel is quite thin. No, the reason he likes to compare himself to the Kakapo is because there is no bird remotely similar - a trait he hopes is seen in his work.  


Daniel is a writer and director. He holds a bachelor's degree in Music Theatre Performance from Sheridan College, has studied dramaturgy with Guillermo Verdecchia at Soulpepper, and direction with Richard Rose at Tarragon. In 2019 his play Clinic was produced by the Collective of 7 at the Tarragon Workspace. He has been the assistant director to Richard Rose on Peer Gynt at Randolph College, Steven Gallagher on a workshop of Stars of Mars at the Canadian Music Theatre Project, and Philip Akin on Art at Soulpepper. Most recently he was the assistant director to Gordon Greenberg on Piaf/Dietrich at Mirvish Productions, which he also maintained over its 4 month run. 

Daniel is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

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